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Rafizi janji Anwar masuk, harga barang turun | The Unspinners

Rafizi janji Anwar masuk, harga barang turun | The Unspinners

Pendekar Melayu 2013

The Reason Why The Malays ( The UMNO and PAS) Should Unite

The government should have realized by now. To coalesce with the PAS, the Malays and Islamic religion become dominant. Both leaders, the UMNO and PAS should put out political differences that have been so long embedded in their political battle.  The common denominators can be the groundwork for the UMNO and PAS inventing the new government.
The UMNO and PAS members came from the same source. They are Malays, and they preach Islam and share the same culture. They are the earlier settlers of the country. They are the indigenous.  However, in term of politics, they are different. The UMNO believes in moderate Islamic concept whereas PAS believes in the Islamic system of politics. The UMNO won the first election in 1955 and PAS remains itself as the opposition up until today. If both parties were teamed up together, Malaysia could have the biggest Malay party in the nation.
It is more than five decades, the UMNO and its allies the MCA and the MIC have been ruling the country under the coalition party, the Barisan Nasional. Today the coalition looks fragile.  The Chinese and Indians were perturbed by the concept of “Malay hegemony” propagated by the UMNO. The 13th general election marked the coalition becomes unpopular among the Chinese and Indian voters.
The coalition just gets a simple majority to form a government. This indicates that taking arbitrary power pertaining to public order is less viable. For this reason also just after the collision form the government, the Chinese and Indians led off to question many things regarding the Malay privileges, Islam as an official religion of the nation, home language, mocking the King and the Sultan and voicing their dissatisfaction towards the present government as they perceive all citizens in Malaysia including the Chinese and Indian should be obtaining an equal rights. Backing up by the Chinese opposition party, the DAP and the splinter group of UMNO led by Anwar Ibrahim, the leader of PAKATAN RAKYAT, including the PAS, the Chinese and Indians extremists had grown daring enough to dispute the constitution.
The UMNO and PAS leaders should have realized by now, the racial tug of war involved both parties, and it may disintegrate the Malays and Islam. The Malay leaders  retaliated to the demand of the Chinese and Indian to repeal the seditious acts. Without the act, they perceived, the Chinese and Indians will continue to admonish the government. The government  looks very exhausted;  the resentful Malays grew bigger and stronger. The Malay movements back up by PERKASA demands the government to be serious on  issues pertaining to the Malay rights.
The PERKASA head of youth wing, Irwan Fahmi Ideris made a shocking statement insisting Najib to resign as the Prime Minister of Malaysia for his failure to protect the Malay rights. Najib’s concept of 1Malaysia is favorable towards non Bumis (Chinese and Indians) compared to the Malays who suppose to get privileges as protected by the Federal Constitution. PERKASA claimed, in his budget speech, Najib announced millions of Malaysian Ringgit will be expended to upgrade vernacular schools in Malaysia. This implies Najib’s moves are unfavourable towards the growth of religious schools. Najib decision is tantamount to ignoring those Malays who wanted to persue religious studies.
However, Najib has a strong reason of expending the vernacular schools. It is one the government obligation to ensure the Chinese and Indians in Malaysia  received equal protection as insured in the Federal constitution.
The concept of “Malay hegemony” means to shake the very foundation of unity in Malaysia. The Chinese and Indians begin to begrudge the government because the NEP has given so much advantages to the Malays.  They claimed, the longest policy ever, the NEP causes the Chinese and Indians to suffer discrimination.
 Disunity among races makes the government weak. The Chinese and Indians professionals had begun to flock together to pressure the government. They accused the government is racist. They criticised the religious institution, system of education and to the extent of mocking the King and the Sultan.  Their  vicious criticism caused the government stands to their demand by repealing the Internal Security Act, nevertheless, they do not halt at that crossroads, they demand more as to abolish the seditious act, to no avail the government not just defend the act but streghten it.
In the thick of political upheavals, PERKASA, an organization that protects the Malay interest in which the majority of its members is from  UMNO,  reacts nonchalantly by attacking the non Bumi for their outright viciousness and the Prime Minister as they perceived is too lenient handling this issue. All the while, PERKASA, a steadfast admirer of the prevailing party, the Barisan Nasional, has gradually drawn out its supports and yet acting independently.
According to PERKASA Youth Wing, Fahmi, Najib’s policy of 1Malaysia concept is pushing aside the importance of Malay previlages and Islam. Najib practices the old style of governing system which was always casting out the indigenous people who are the Malays and their religion is Islam.
The political situation in Malaysia not only becomes complicated, but more complex in nature. The Malays worry of loosing their rights, as though the non-Bumi (Chinese and Indians) have the same variety of perception fearing that they will be a slave in their own land.
Those perceptions, in reality it is not. Comparing the wealth of the Chinese and Indians today with the Chinese and Indians who live 50 years ago, they are better- off. Comparing the Malay today with those Malays who live 50 years ago. The former were good at mannerism and They were well mixed. The Federal constitution does not treat Malaysian citizen on the  basis of race and religion.
 Since the Malays have many prilivages as mention in the constitution, should they bring back the reminiscent of past. If they could, nobody, particularly the Chinese and Indian will question their  privilages. It enshrines in the Federal constitution. The generation of malays  particularly the UMNO should have revised their political ideology, no race is greater than the others. Propogating national integration is a wiser move. The Malay should lead the country as what is professed  in the constitution of Malaysia. To bring back the malay soverign power, all malay political party should have unite into one mother umbrella. The UMNO and the PAS should lead in a new coallision government.
 Should the UMNO and PAS  unite to form a government as to rejuvenate the Malay sovereignty?  The UMNO and PAS leaders may and may not accept the coalition government, but both parties believed  that the nation is on the brink of racial conflicts.  The land will become a republic and bury the Malays and Islam in the chronicle of human kind. For generations, the governing system in Malaysia subjected to the rule that laid down by the Federal constitution which has protected the Malays and Islam. Consider it or not, neither UMNO nor PAS willing to see the Malay and Islamic religion destroy by their own practising. If it is, let us look at the constitution and what are the factors benefiting the PAS and the UMNO that representing a Malay population.Shad Saleem Faruqi wrote;
> The Federal Constitution contained many “indigenous features” of the Malay archipelago, among them the Malay Sultanate, special position of the Malays, Malay language, Islam as the religion of the Federation, Malay reserved land and special weightage for rural constituencies over urban ones for electoral purposes;
> State Constitutions of the nine Malay states contained provisions that the Ruler must be a Malay-Muslim and, subject to the discretion of the Ruler, the Menteri Besar must also be Malay. These provisions were not disturbed by the Federal Constitution;
> In an act of great accommodation, citizenship was offered to all persons of whatever race who were born in the Federation of Malaya. Though these generous “jus soli” provisions were repealed in the 60s, the multi-racial composition of Malaysia is largely the result of the 1957 recognition of the right to citizenship by birth;
> The Reid Commission’s time limit of 15-years on the special position of the Malays was removed. The special position of the Malays was made an integral and entrenched part of the Constitution. But clear provisions were added that existing non-Malay rights will not be extinguished in order to create quotas for Malays.
> Equality of treatment for all races in the service of the Federation was guaranteed by Article 136. It is not well known that Article 153(5) on Malay special position provides that Article 153 does not derogate from the provisions of Article 136;
> Contrary to the Reid proposal, a provision for Islam as the religion of the Federation was inserted. How­ever, there was freedom to all other religious communities to pursue their faiths in peace and harmony. Documents were also exchanged that the addition of Article 3 on Islam will not convert Malaya into a theocratic state;
> Reid proposals on the use of Tamil and Chinese languages were modified. The permission to use Tamil and Chinese in the legislatures was replaced with the provision that these languages could be used for non-official purposes and that their teaching and learning would be allowed;
> Religious, linguistic and cultural pluralism were recognised and given constitutional protection in the chapter on fundamental liberties;
> There was an agreement to share political power. The politics of accommodation that the Alliance ushered in 1955 has provided Malaysia with the world’s longest surviving political coalition;
> The role of the Conference of Rulers was enhanced. In addition to electing the King, the Rulers were empowered to veto some constitutional amendments, to have the right to be consulted on important constitutional appointments and the right to deliberate on matters of national importance.
 The feature of the Federal constitution is much favour on the Malay race and Islam. it could take the opposite direction, if the UMNO looses the political power and the Federal constitution ammnded.  The Malays and Islam might not easily get privileges in the country, amidst the growing resentful Chinese and Indians. Therefore it is wise if both parties, the UMNO and PAS coalese to form a new government. To do this let us look at both parties’ charecterisctics and aims.  UMNO and PAS are the Malay ethnic political parties but persuing different political ideology. Despite their differences, they are all Malays and Muslims and having the same cultural background and religion
Since the Malays are all Muslims, and the majority of the Malays are in both parties, thus the suitability is there for the parties to combine administration in one coalition government. By doing this, the coalition will always ensure the Malay interests and Islamic religion in the country will be standing on a formidable foundation and if the coallision government is strong, excercing the law and order is easier.
 Unfortunately, PAS leaders are not pragmatic calling upon building an Islamic nation of Malaysia. It is not feasible to the notion of other political parties, particularly the MCA and the MIC whose members are neither Malays nor Muslims. The UMNO, on the other hand could not accept PAS’s ambition of forming an  Islamic states because Malaysia consists of many races, ethnic society and religious beliefs. The country should be ruled by the party that is pursuing a moderate philosophy of Islam. One of the causes why the UMNO and PAS could not be together is because the idealism of both political leadership is different. The extreme behaviour of PAS and the arrogant behaviour of UMNO, both parties overlooked the verisimilitude that they possess.
On the other hand, The  PAS sacrifices its religious principle by coalesce with the opposition parties that resist the idea of forming an Islamic nation.. PAS should have realized by now, neither the DAP nor  other Chinese and Indian party is responsible for Islam. the Malays and Islam is growing bigger and stronger because of UMNO’s persistence of vision and consistence in promoting Islamic systems in Malaysia.
The Chinese opposition party in principle rejects the concept of Malay privilege and Islam as an official religion of the country, and yet PAS leaders thought it expedient to be with them. Presumably, the Chinese oppositions took the country’s administration, could they materialize the aforementioned constitution that has given privileges to the Malays and Islam? What advantageous PAS get to be with the party that is having incongruently in beliefs? Islam works with those who only knows and loves Islam. Muslim’s proper preaching and loving other people, whose religion is not Muslim, only can make the disbelievers appreciate Islam.
Today, the relationship between the Malay- Muslim and the Chinese and Indians continued to soar. The Chinese and Indians begin to question the Malay privileges and Islam. It worsens the situation when the PAS takes side by joining the oppositions that are frequently belittle Islam and the Malays. The numbers of Malays who oppose the government increased. It could jeopardize the nation.  It was so sad; PAS could not foresee a form of vengeful move would result in the entire deal. PAS leaders realized that their achievement  today is part of the toils of those whom they despise most- the UMNO.
PAS should have realized also, the NEP proves a right leverage to uplift the Malay economy and Islam in the country.  When the government brought in the NEP, it applies to all Bumiputras indiscriminately including the PAS members. There were plenty of people getting advantageous out of the NEP. Today, the Malays Muslim occupied all the industries, the origination of higher scholarship. They are the lawyers and doctors and religious leaders and teachers. They are the businessmen, bankers and some become a millionaire. PAS IS UNGRRATEFUL
Despite PAS repugnant to the government policy, the policy has succeeded to put the leverage to uplift the Malays at par with other people in developing countries and simultaneously, it opens up the eyes of the Malays to the outside world by allowing technology and world class education to the malays. The Malays is not anymore, becoming like what the western perceived “as human races on the trees.” PAS SHOULD SUBMIT TO UMNO POLICY
The UMNO leaders tirelessly defended the Malay reserve land from being led out by the Chinese and Indians. Eventhough, some human fallcacy occurs around UMNO circles, sucn as corruptions and mismanagement in the government but the policy is still  intact and the UMNO leaders who is also the Mministers  have been painstakingly cleaning the mess. The UMNO protects Malay language, quota system, Malay education, Islam as official religion of the country, Malay cultural heritage and all other Malay interests. All of this efforts make the Malay race and Islam has firmly established its position for the future. Apparently, in principle the UMNO is fighting for the Malays and Islamic faith. The PAS on the other hand is fighting for the same course. What makes them distinctive in their pursuit, the UMNO is putting more weight on the Malay importance in its struggle, whereas the PAS has a firm desire to establish the Islamic systems in total. Could both parties compromise their core principle for the purpose of forming a coalition government solely to protect the constitution- the Malay and the Islam? Given the secenario of PAS rulling the country, it will do the same not to disobey the Supreme law the malay prviligaes and Islam. So it is unwise, the PAS to a bit compromise its principles and idealism.  As though the UMNO submissive to a good behaviour will make the Malay stronger forever.

Source : Merdeka Online

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Suara Nusantara Suara Hati Anda

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Malaysian History - Synopsis

IGP: I wish EO, ISA were back


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Malukah kita menjadi Melayu?

Tidak sudah-sudah Melayu cuba diperlekehkan. Itulah kesimpulan yang dapat dibuat daripada beberapa rentetan peristiwa yang telah berlaku dalam sejarah negara ini.

Kita sudah pasti masih ingat bagaimana bekas Timbalan Presiden MCA, Datuk Lee Kim Sai (sekarang Tan Sri) pada 1986 secara terbuka mempersoalkan Dasar Ekonomi Baru (DEB) dan dasar-dasar yang dikaitkan dengan ketuanan Melayu.

Konfrontasi secara terbuka dibuat bagi memulihkan imej MCA ekoran Pilihan Raya Umum 1986 yang menyaksikan kemerosotan pengaruh parti itu yang teruk di kalangan pengundi Cina.

Kemuncaknya pada November 1986, yang menyaksikan konvensyen MCA Selangor yang dipengerusikan oleh Kim Sai telah membuat ketetapan mencabar hakikat kedudukan orang Melayu sebagai penduduk asal negara.

MCA mengisytiharkan bahawa semua kaum utama di Malaysia iaitu orang Melayu, India dan Cina adalah terdiri daripada orang pendatang. Sehubungan itu, orang Melayu tidak boleh dianggap sebagai tuan di negara ini.

Ketetapan itu menimbulkan kemarahan orang Melayu dan ketegangan antara kedua-dua kaum hanya dapat diselesaikan selepas Kabinet mengeluarkan kenyataan yang menegaskan bahawa orang Melayu dan kaum bumiputera yang lain ialah penduduk asal Malaysia.

Manakala penduduk Cina dan India sudah diterima sebagai warganegara Malaysia dan oleh itu, tidak boleh dianggap sebagai pendatang asing atau pendatang haram dan mereka mendapat layanan yang sama seperti warganegara lain.

Satu lagi kontroversi tercetus pada 2004 dengan penerbitan buku bertajuk Contesting Malayness: Malay Identity Across Boundaries oleh National University of Singapore (NUS).

Buku susunan Profesor Madya di Jabatan Sejarah NUS, Timothy P. Barnard mendakwa orang Melayu tiada asas untuk menjadi kaum yang nyata kerana ia adalah campuran daripada kaum-kaum lain khususnya dari selatan China dan India.

Ekoran itu, buku berkenaan mencadangkan kaum Cina dan India di Malaysia diberikan taraf bumiputera kerana orang Melayu sebenarnya berasal daripada salasilah kedua-dua kaum itu.

Fakta-fakta meragukan dalam buku itu turut dimuatkan dalam blog dan Facebook yang kemudiannya digunakan beberapa pihak bagi memperlekehkan orang Melayu termasuk mengelar mereka sebagai pendatang.

Bagi memastikan orang Melayu tidak lagi diperlekehkan, satu kajian ilmiah telah dibuat oleh penulis dan penyelidik sejarah, Zaharah Sulaiman dan Allahyarham Profesor Emeritus Datuk Dr. Nik Anuar Nik Mahmud dari Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM).

Nik Anuar adalah salah seorang sejarawan yang secara serius berusaha menulis kembali sejarah negara dan kaum Melayu daripada perspektif anak tempatan.

Kajian itu mengesahkan bahawa orang Melayu adalah kaum asal di rantau Nusantara ini dan bukannya golongan pendatang seperti yang didakwa oleh sesetengah pihak.

Bukti menerusi pemetaan genetik dan artifak arkeologi mendapati masyarakat Orang Asli Semang dan Senoi yang mendiami Benua Sunda (Asia Tenggara) merupakan nenek moyang kepada populasi Melayu Proto (Melayu asli) dan kaum Melayu hari ini.

Masyarakat Semang dan Senoi ini berasal daripada manusia asal di Afrika yang berhijrah ke Benua Sunda sejak 65,000 tahun dahulu.

Zaharah ketika Wacana Mengenali dan Menjejaki Perjalanan Bangsa Melayu dan Asal Usulnya anjuran Kelab Wartawan Muda Malaysia di Kuala Lumpur, baru-baru ini berkata, kajian ilmiah yang dilaksanakan mereka sejak 2009 telah siap.

"Ia akan diterbitkan dalam bentuk jilid-jilid buku oleh Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (DBP) secara berperingkat-peringkat untuk tatapan umum.

"Buku ini akan mendedahkan segala-galanya dan saya berharap mereka yang mempertikaikan asal usul Melayu dapat membacanya secara terbuka kerana kajian ini adalah bersandarkan kepada bukti-bukti genetik dan arkeologi," katanya.

Ditanya pendirian orang Jawa dan suku kaum di Sabah dan Sarawak yang tidak mengakui sebagai orang Melayu, beliau berkata, pemetaan genetik yang telah dibuat mendapati nenek moyang mereka adalah Semang dan Senoi, sekali gus membuktikan mereka kaum Melayu.

"Ada pihak yang mengaitkan orang Melayu berasal dari India dan China ekoran pengaruh Hindu-Buddha yang datang ke Nusantara yang telah diterima oleh alam Melayu.

"Pendapat ini adalah tidak benar kerana jika kita melihat seni bina Angkor Wat di Kemboja dan Borobudor di Indonesia, ia sangat berlainan dengan reka bentuk kuil dan tokong di China dan India.

"Ini menunjukkan tamadun Melayu telah wujud lebih awal, malah bahasa Melayu telah lama menggunakan perkataan Sanskrit seperti mukadimah, syurga dan negara sebelum kedatangan pengaruh India," katanya.

Kajian itu adalah selari dengan satu lagi penemuan data arkeologi yang diperoleh di Semenanjung Malaysia dan Sarawak oleh penyelidik dari UKM pada 2010 yang menunjukkan rumpun Melayu adalah penduduk asal bumi Malaysia sejak lebih daripada 40,000 tahun lalu dan bukan berhijrah ke mari dari tanah besar di utara.

Artifak-artifak seperti seramik yang ditemui di lebih 100 kawasan ekskavasi yang dijalankan oleh ahli-ahli arkeologi UKM menunjukkan bahawa artifak itu adalah berbentuk tempatan dan bukan dibawa masuk dari luar.

Walaupun bukti telah dikemukakan, sudah pasti akan ada pihak yang akan terus mempertikaikannya semata-mata kerana kajian itu tidak berpihak kepada mereka.

Kita sudah pasti tidak boleh berbuat apa-apa bagi mengubah pemikiran golongan ini, tetapi kita masih boleh mengambil inisiatif merombak kurikulum sejarah di sekolah bagi memastikan generasi muda didedahkan dengan fakta sebenar.

Satu lagi yang boleh dibuat adalah untuk tidak terlalu mengagung-agungkan peninggalan penjajah sehingga melupakan sejarah dan warisan Melayu.

Di Melaka misalnya, kenapa hanya terdapat replika kapal Portugis, Flor de La Mar yang dijadikan muzium maritim?

Mana dia kapal milik pedagang dan sultan-sultan Melayu pada zaman dahulu seperti 'Geliung Johor' dan 'Mendam Berahi' yang saiznya berpuluh kali ganda lebih besar dan menggunakan teknologi lebih canggih berbanding kapal China dan Eropah?

Jika kita sendiri masih tidak menghormati sejarah dan warisan Melayu, janganlah mengharapkan kaum lain akan menghormati kita.-UMO

SUMBER : http://belantan.blogspot.com/2013/07/malukah-kita-menjadi-melayu.html

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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

malayan fighter: Perlukah menjadi secina-cinanya? -Prof Madya dr Mo...

malayan fighter: Perlukah menjadi secina-cinanya? -Prof Madya dr Mo...: Sdr semua, hari ini, 2 artikel saya disiarkan, 1. Utusan Malaysia dan 2. kolum tetap saya Buka Minda, Sinar Harian. Baca dahulu a...

BLOG BN 2013

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Kata pujangga dari Tengku Kudin...............

Kenapa Orang Melayu Makan Dengan Tangan ?

Tengku Kudin (Tunku Dhiauddin ibn Sultan Zainal Rashid I)

Chersonese With The Guilding Off Oleh '' Emilly Innes ''

Setiap bangsa di dunia ini punya budaya tersendiri. Oleh sebab makan
itu satu perkara yang wajib dalam hidup, cara makan juga merupakan satu
budaya. Masing-masing bangsa ada budaya mereka tersendiri bagaimana
mereka makan. Misalnya orang Cina menggunakan kayu (chopstick) dan
orang Barat pula menggunakan sudu dan garfu. Tentu ada sebab yang
rasional kenapa mereka amalkan cara itu.

Orang Melayu makan biasanya menggunakan tangan kanan. Apakah
rasionalnya dan kenapa orang Melayu makan dengan tangan ? Soalan ini
dijawab dengan mudah di akhir abad ke 19 oleh seorang kerabat diraja
Kedah yang menetap di Selangor bernama Tengku Kudin. Perkara ini
diceritakan oleh seorang isteri pegawai tinggi British yang berkhidmat
di Selangor pada masa itu dalam bukunya " The Chersonese With The Guilding Off "
oleh Emilly Innes.

Pada suatu hari Tengku Kudin telah dijemput oleh British Resident
menghadiri satu jamuan makan malam di rumah resident tersebut. Ketika
semua tetamu jemputan telah bersedia untuk menghadapi hidangan, Tengku
Kudin tiba-tiba bangun menuju ke arah paip air dan membasuh tangannya.
Tanpa menghiraukan orang lain semuanya menggunakan sudu dan garfu,
beliau dengan selamba menyuap makanan ke mulutnya dengan tangannya...
......... !

Telatah Tengku Kudin ini diperhatikan oleh seorang wanita Inggeris yang
kebetulan duduk di sisinya. Merasa tertarik dengan perlakuan Tengku
Kudin itu wanita tersebut lantas bertanya: "Kenapa anda makan dengan
tangan ? Bukankah menggunakan sudu dan garfu itu lebih bersih dan
sopan ?"

Dengan selamba Tengku Kudin menjawab lantang dan dapat didengari oleh
orang lain. Katanya:

"Saya makan dengan menggunakan tangan saya sekurang-kurangnya ada tiga
sebab ":

Pertama: Saya tau tangan saya lebih bersih dari sudu dan garfu
sebab saya sendiri yang membasuhnya - bukan orang lain. Sudu dan garfu
itu dibasuh oleh
orang lain yang belum tentu cukup bersih.

Kedua: Saya yakin tangan saya lebih bersih kerana tangan saya
hanya saya
seorang saja yang menggunakannya - tidak pernah dipinjam oleh orang
lain, sedangkan sudu dan garfu itu ramai yang pernah menggunakannya

Ketiga: Saya percaya tangan saya lebih bersih kerana ia tidak
pernah jatuh dalam longkang.... ......... !!"

Jawapan Tengku Kudin ini menjadikan semua orang yang mendengarnya
terlopong. Kalau sebelum itu ada antara mereka yang tersenyum sinis
melihat Tengku Kudin menyuap makanannya dengan tangan tapi selepas itu
masing-masing mengangguk mungkin kerana memikirkan ada logiknya jawapan

Moralnya : Kita jangan lekas menghina atau memandang jijik perlakuan
orang lain yang berlainan dengan budaya kita. Masing-masing ada
rasionalnya kenapa mereka berbuat begitu...... ......... ..

orang indonesia juga lebih suka makan pakai tangan ( muluk ). tak peduli di 
restaurant Fast Food atau di pinggir jalan. orang kaya atau miskin. semua 
makan pakai tangan

Pendekar Melayu 2013
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